Ethnography , Week 12



( Here in my room was where I spent The dark ours of this experiment, After I chose my room I realized I chose the darkest spot in the house! I have no windows in the room but in the bathroom connected to the side, which made my stay feel like an eternity!)

A day without electricity, was a day without seeing! My experience with no light was liberating yet so frustrating. It wasn’t bad, until the sun went down and the night got later and later. I thought the experience would be easy, thinking that “ok well when the sun goes down and it gets to the point where I can’t see, I’ll just fall asleep”. Well that mentality went to shit as soon as I asked myself what I was planning on eating, I was going to make something quick and easy, but how with no light and not using any microwave. Or what about brushing my teeth and taking off my makeup. I had to hover my hand over the sink to find my makeup wipes and my toothbrush without knocking everything off. By the time I layed on my bed I began to wonder about everything I wasn’t able to use. For instance, my phone which was about to die,  that is my alarm clock, communication, reminder, calendar and news. Pretty much my phone assists me with everything that lets me function smoothly throughout the day! As relaxing as it was without electronics and the internet to distract me from nature’s beauty and actually having to talk to someone physically.  It was frustrating not being able to see clearly or at all. Plus not planning my day around the time just made it more difficult and dinner probably would have been a lot more satisfying if it wasn’t just cereal. Overall I think it would be cool to live in an era where electricity isn’t present. Although there are many benefits to having light, I think people are a lot happier, communicate well and know how to keep busy without becoming a zombie on social media!

Week 12 Artist Convo

1.jpgArtist: Alice Andreini


Exhibition: No-Man’s Land

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery

Alice Andreini is a Drawing and Paintings major with Studio Practices here at the California State University of Long Beach. Alice Andreini is originally from Minnesota who did theatre as her undergrad while set designing and creating scenic paintings. While also using  this exact exhibition as her thesis! Hopefully, in the future Alice will use her studies and fulfill her dream as a teacher here at CSULB in a college level painting class.

The strategy she used for this exhibition,  was the idea of squareness that uncovered the machine behind landscaping. To her art isn’t always gridded but it was more of a new style she had discovered and just rolled with. Other than art, she loves to read poetry, Facebook it and read philosophy, which she considered boring to the average person. The artist stated that she didn’t pursue art until recently but she always wanted too. However,  was scared because art is hard and not practical at all, she never heard anyone say how comforting it is to make a living off art.

1.jpgTo the artist the landscape framed in the exhibition revealed ideologies of a culture. The authenticity of the nature that typically is used to veil the economics, cultural and material considerations that go into the production of landscape as a universal ideal. She started from a specific , concrete place that involve golf courses as a subject that encapsulates the sentimentality and allure of American pastoral. Working with such a specific topic and goal  Alice unravels and unveils creating a new realm that may also be viewed as experiencing a new world.

As I walked around this exhibit, I noticed the grid like structure to each piece of landscape. I loved Andreini’s art because I felt each piece had a grey like simple boring color but then bursted with many hues of bright color seeping through the gridded lines. Making it seem as if the boring world underneath was being shattered and forming into something much more beautiful. Overall I do believe the artist achieved her goal in creating a new realm because that is the exact feeling I got after starring at each art work before I read her description or interviewed her.

Week 11: Tracing Gun Violence in The U.S.

g3Artist: yujia Gu

Exhibition: Gun Violence

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Media: none

Yujia Gu is an international student that attends here at the California State University of Long Beach in the art program. Both her and her family were extremely worrisome on her transferring to the U.S. due to the mass shootings and gun violence they heard so much of. However, she did it. She moved out here and decided to actually research on the specific area of concern and realized it was as serious as her and her mother thought.   Astonished at the statistics found of various cases of gun violence.

g2The exhibit gave off the feeling of a dark and excluded room, with black draped curtains at the entrance of the gallery. When people stepped foot in the exhibit there was a large piece of writing on the walls with multiple pictures of guns. As well as a piece of glass that hung just off the center of the ceiling that depicted the multiple people injured or killed by gun violence. It was extremely real, Yujia Gu’ saying that was written  on the wall stated ” In order to protect, people buy”. Which is exactly what is happening, people who feel threatened and scared for themselves or their families are buying the same weapons that they are against, which is ironic. Not only is it making more and more people purchase them, its getting them out there as well. It seems as if its fairly easy for people to get their own hands on one and its quite frightening as well.

g1The overall purpose of the exhibition was to make people realize how serious and infamous the gun violence is. As well as to give viewers a clear presentation and inform people of the violence that happens around them on the daily. The artist said that she was in complete shock when she saw the statistics here than from any other places or countries. Although she stated what the problem was she didn’t quite give the solution that shed prefer other than buying the weapons that the same exact people are scared of.

In my opinion it is a lot different to hear or see on the news with the big titles and heaadings of papers about these incidents or crimes. Than when you actually are facing their profile and pictures directly head on. It really gets you thinking about what these people have left behind, whether its a spouse, kids, pets their jobs or whatever it may be, it truly is heartbreaking. I thinks its incredibly to have it be known about this very current event because it is such a problem we have today. I also thought it was touching that she incorporated the images of the victims that were projected on the glass. It was a intense exhibit that was informative and deep.

Week 11: Classmate Convo

4.jpgThis weeks art assignments were to pair up or form groups of three and discuss the image we think we can all agree or connect with The two student I was able meet were Gabriela who is a freshman her at CSULB, and originally from LAX and hawthorne area. I learned she is also a kinesiology major here but she is taking the Occupational Therapist road which was pretty cool. Sohee was the second student I met in our group, she is a third year foreign exchange student from South Korea, who came all the way out here to pursue her dream in graphic design which I found interesting. We came together to make a triptych or three image panel of something that we agreed on, and we chose the awareness of gun violence in the world today. We chose this topic because we all agreed that these exhibits in the galleries were the most real. As in, the art presented in the galleries that we have seen are creations done by artists as either a hobby or done on a topic that they enjoy doing. Or on a personal issue that they personally struggle with or have  overcame. As where the art presented  here was a global issue that many people are aware of because it is a big problem today! We defined beauty as a something that was undefined or open to interpretation, too many people have different opinions of what they consider beauty. So we figured beauty can be in a person, objects places or type of emotion. Something that isn’t beauty would be something or someone mean or traumatizing. Someone with a bad soul or bad intention, or something with a bad vibe or    intention. And as for sublime when we googled the word it gave us a definition of a specific level of something that either makes an image great or horrible. However, from the group talk we learned it was something more like a deep almost terrible place.


The Wedge – Where the USU meets the Road!!

11.jpgAs to why people don’t walk around, I have no idea! But hey I get inline as well to try to take the shortcut. So I have never really payed attention as to what the big pieces of marble stood for or represent. But I have no idea as to what architects where thinking when they designed it. Let alone officially placed it there!!! So my idea is this. In the pictures posted the pieces of marble have cut outs which kind of form this window like structure. Why don’t we cut all the way through the marble to form two doors on both sides. I know   its not much but two doors is way better than a small crack students try to rummage through. Especially if we weren’t allowed to remove them entirely due to the meaningful purpose they might have.

My idea is Genius!

Artist Conversation

2.jpgGallery: Merilyn Werby Gallery

Instagram: polkadot.pony

Exhibition: The exhibition is her

Amy Duran started off at Cypress City college and transferred here to CSULB after her second year. Her current status is that she will be graduating in spring as a BFA Ceramics major from Cal State Long Beach.

It was a little hard to ask the artist any questions that were personal because it was actually her brother who we got to interview. However, we did learn that the exhibit was her displayed as all the small doll like figures in the showcases. And that the animals in them as well were her previous pets that meant so much to her in a time of need. The art pieces she created eventually told a story of how she would actually like to make props for movies. Apart from the art we got to hear Amy enjoys baking cakes and decorating them with extravagant designs and images.

Amys art is very detailed and defined. Each display unravels its own story and looked like it was extremely time consuming due to the manny effects it had. Not only was the art able to be spun around it was also able to bring out certain characteristics as well as hide others. While also having front and back images completely different from one another, which was fascinating to see. The art piece was literally created like a small scene from a play, it had curtains that draped down the sides as well as props, a character (her) and a backdrop with a small book like diary that told a story.

The story is based on Amy’s personal struggles of never quite fitting in with the crowd, feeling anxiety overgrowing apart from and forgetting her inner child. While at the same time having this emotion overcome her wanting to be free all at the same time. The displays were constant reminders that told her it was ok to feel afraid as an adult. Her art also showed another classic side to femininity, giving it power and replacing the connotations as symbols of weakness and vulnerability with strength and capability. She believes keeping the memories close will aid in not forgetting what made her the person she is today.

Overall I found this exhibit quite interesting, from the look of it; it seemed to be someone reliving their childhood as if they wanted to go back in time. However, once I had read the notes she had posted before we entered I noticed the whole exhibit had this darkness to it that I guess you really had to pay attention to. After realizing that the image portrayed both good and bad times it made sense as to why the images were able to be turned around and pulled with. It literally depicted some of the untold stories with out having them come out of her own mouth.unnamed

Finger painting!!!

dogThis was the funnest activity yet!!!! So the dog pictured here is something that me and one of my friends who is also my neighbor tried to create. Some short quick information about my neighbor is that she is actually going to school for art at LBCC . She had recently shown me her sketches that she is drawing as part of her assignments on the way back home. So I had told her about mine. Although she draws naked people right now she thought mine was still pretty fun and easy lol. So I started out by getting a white crayola tube of paint then got several small little containers of paint that normally come with cheap kids coloring books. I found what seemed to be a pretty simple picture of a dog painted on pinterest. However, once I tried the first time I immediately  made up a much simpler version. I chose to finger paint the first time because recently last week I saw on Facebook an artist who uses her hands to paint. They were amazing pieces of art! I wish I remembered her name so I could have uploaded a link or at least her name to search her up. I remember watching her video and she had said “its like using ten brushes at the same time!” The art she created was super colorful and had this texture to it. Mine on the other hand looked like a blob ! Maybe its because I tried doing  it with no spaces in-between so it just looked like a big awkward shape. Until, Fabi my neighbor helped me out and loaned me a brush since it might have been a little easier. I thought This was the funnest one yet because it literally kept me laughing the entire time. An I can honestly say I am proud of are work!






Week 8 : Classmate Discussion

For this weeks classmate conversation I got the chance to meet Salmah with an “h”! We had to move thiconvos conversation along very quick, due to the short amount of time that Glenn left us with lol. However, we did end up with the basics. Salmah is a first year here at CSULB and is taking this art class as a general ed. Right now, she is undecided when it comes to picking her major but she still has plenty of time to venture off and experiment with multiple ones. Occupational therapy is her future job description as of now but she wants to look into it a lot more before she enters that field.  She chose this school not only because she really enjoyed visiting but because some of her closest friends from her home town in Englewood attend too. Salman is the only child, and loves to sing and dance although she doesn’t think she has the vocals or good coordination.

Fun fact: Salmahs been to Malaysia 3 to 4 times!

Artist Conversation

unnamedArtist: Elena Roznovan

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: eroznovan

Exhibition: Stop and Stare

Media: video installations

Elena Roznovan is a 2nd year grad student here at CSULB in the MFA program of sculpture and new genre. After doing her undergrad at Marilyn University in Baltimore she chose Long Beach to continue a new chapter in art. She is originally from the SSR from a small town known as Moldova, and plans to venture off and travel around the world. Curiously awaiting to see different changes of scenery and see how her art will evolve.

Elena’s inspiration comes from many artists especially Robert Urwin, who she can relate to and connect with on many personal levels. Elena started her work as a painter, then slowly transitioned into interactive installations that are inspired by light in space. The piece that was displayed in the gallery as pictured felt very surreal, almost as if the image was your current location at which we were all standing. Then there were these colorful laminate frames that hung down that we were able to see the backdrop through.

 The artists initial job title would be to create video installations, that are made with any piece of scenery or individual ideas. That investigates phenomenology, time and the way images are constructed. She wishes to apply for residencies all over the world to get a feel for the change of scenery and different landscapes, including a variety of wide ranged pieces. The purpose of her artwork is to challenge the viewers or audiences perception or expectations regarding moving pictures and spaces in which they are inhabiting. Elena uses both the environmental aspect and optical props that give off a mediation type feel, that ultimately take a 2D image and create a 3D experience.

Overall, I feel like this exhibit was a very interesting piece, that was open for interpretation. The part that I enjoyed the most was getting to talk to the artist herself, she made it so that her work can make you feel however you wanted it to, at anytime, with no in particular vision. It was simply to look at the image with an open mind and state what you feel and see. To me, it was like looking at a colorless bland landscape that had the potential of having so much life and brightness. Which made it seem like you can either view this mural with the great potential that it has to become something amazing. Or look at it as the old washed up piece of land that it is. Which to me makes  the difference of realizing that your truly happy or miserable.







Classmate conversation

We haven’t done one of these in what feels like forever, and we both forgot to take a picture!!! I guess we got so caught up in our conversation that it didn’t even cross our mind, until I began to write. (so I added a pic that goes with our convo ).Anyway, Laura is one of the classmates that I got to meet and introduce myself to. I learned quite a lot from her, with the brief 15 minutes or so that we had. This ipreferables her first year attending CSULB as a human development major. She is originally from Lakewood CA, and chose this school knowing that its close to home, while her 2 older siblings influenced her as well as they attended this university. It was funny once she said she was a first year because I completely got the impression that she was my age, but nope! She’s only 18 which I thought was funny. Her hobbies consist of quite a few things. Her most recent that she had just picked up is painting. She plays softball and enjoys watching sports like football and baseball. We had the softball part in common and watching other sports but our favorite teams happened to be rivals!  Her 2 dogs are even named after the players lol.  I found her job quite interesting, she works at Petco and I found her job quite interesting. She works with mainly cats and dogs and plans events as well as finding adoption groups. She’s the second manager at just 18! So cool!