Our First Meet and Greet

This is Nester, and we had more in common than we thought. We were both extremely clueless on what was going on and what was needed. We discussed a lot about the confusion we had in this class. With all the assignments and web pages that go along with this course. Besides all the questions we had and clarifications we needed, I got to know a little bit about Nester during the last ten minutes of class time. This will be his third year here at CSULB and we are both taking this class as a General Ed in order to graduate. He is a Bio option in Molecular Cell Biology and Physiology and he was born in Artesia and familiar wunnamedith the area. We also met a girl named serene who is pictured last in the photo who helped us clarify some questions we had. Thats what the majority of our conversation consisted of,  after all our questions about the upcoming assignments were answered. It was quite funny.



Plaster Casting! The 1st Assignment

Making a mold of my hand with plaster  was my very first assignment. I had to say it was a lot of fun! I did go back home for the weekend and since Im from Catalina Island it should have been so simple to do this on the beach. However,  instead a North eastern storm hit and the water was rough and crashing against the shore walls. Making it impossible to get the sand and wet sand that I needed. So I had to improvise! On the side of the beach there was a area for people to pack up their own sandbags , Which are used to make a barrier for properties to prevent flooding in bad weather conditions. So I did just that, then I used a bucket to pour the sand all in while placing  a big thick handprint in the middle. I must admit I probably should have poured a little more water in the mixture because it did end up a little thick and dried extremely quick which made it a little hard to work with. In the end, it was super fun and something I’ve never done before and I even did my nieces  hand print thats  now sitting in the garden which is pretty cool.