Plaster Casting! The 1st Assignment

Making a mold of my hand with plaster  was my very first assignment. I had to say it was a lot of fun! I did go back home for the weekend and since Im from Catalina Island it should have been so simple to do this on the beach. However,  instead a North eastern storm hit and the water was rough and crashing against the shore walls. Making it impossible to get the sand and wet sand that I needed. So I had to improvise! On the side of the beach there was a area for people to pack up their own sandbags , Which are used to make a barrier for properties to prevent flooding in bad weather conditions. So I did just that, then I used a bucket to pour the sand all in while placing  a big thick handprint in the middle. I must admit I probably should have poured a little more water in the mixture because it did end up a little thick and dried extremely quick which made it a little hard to work with. In the end, it was super fun and something I’ve never done before and I even did my nieces  hand print thats  now sitting in the garden which is pretty cool.


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