Art Activity :Automatic Drawing , I See A Person

For the automatic drawing, me and my roomate sat on the floor and let the pen just go with the flow. For a minute we did begin to laugh, because we just kept going  around circles, so things did feel weird and we didn’t know if it was supposed to look how it did. A couple minutes later though, one of us would pull in one direction while the pen just kept gliding, then the other would get control and so on and so forth. The end result had kind of tripped us out because we saw a old lady. The dark circle towards the bottom is a low bun, she has a dark big eye with a dot below that makes her look creepy. A long sharp bent nose and a pointy chin. Overall, we were surprised at our outcome because it definitely felt like we had no idea what we were doing, or what this would turn out like.

unnamed.jpgauto draw.jpg


Artist Convo#3

Artist: Emily Anne Barnett

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: Emily_b_anne

Media: Printmakingunnamed

Exhibition: Recent Works on Paper

Emily Barnett from Northern California and has taken drawing seriously for the past nine years.  After completing her undergrad from Humboldt State University she transferred and is now a current grad student here at Cal State Long Beach in the printmaking program. She uses the combination of portraiture and abstraction to unravel the emotions of mental illness.

Her artwork consists of a young version of herself with stuffed bears surrounding her. Most of her pieces pop on the plain white canvas with all other objects filling in space. The artwork she produces are actually lithographs that are drawn on limestone. The work she had displayed took any where from four days to 3 weeks, so there is a wide range of a time span.

Emily has suffered from anxiety and depression her whole life. Which she strongly advises to cure right away if possible. In college there are many stress factors that can break people and she really  made it clear to seek help with all the resources we as students are available to. Which is what her series of work and topics depicted. She stated that the little girl in each of the drawings were her, and the animal portrayed is Pooh Bear from Winnie and the Pooh. She told us the childhood stories of her struggling with the illness, and told us the bear represented her comfort object as to how she dealt with it. The emotions her work had shown were a lot more than looking at the frames and seeing a sad little girl. The frames represented  a life, a childhood story and an illness millions of people deal with daily.

As far as Emily bringing awareness to this illness, I’m all about it. I have never been able to see a artist show lifelong challenges they live with and have to cope with themselves. Especially, when they don’t have the chance to change it. Ive met people that deal with symptoms and emotions like this but never how it effects them. I think Emily is able to touch many people on a personal level, and its a great topic to bring the attention to.






My Lovely Care Package

Instead of mailing it out of  town, I chose to surprise my little sister with this care package, since I had the opportunity to go back home this weekend. I chose the items based off of what she’s always talking to me about. While also incorporating small gifts that I know she would love. I had bought a small face moisturizer and highlighting makeup palette art110 that she always tells me to grab her and send over. Along with a teddy bear I had bought as well as a rose that was hand made outside the shop for valentines day which I thought was super cute. I also had incorporated a small note I wrote telling her how much I appreciate her even though we argue and disagree all the time. When I assembled this master piece, I placed it on her bed and waited for her to get home. By the time she did I was already passed out, but I woke up to her jumping on me and giving me a big hug saying thank you! Even though I know she would never do anything like that for me, deep down I know it meant a lot to her. Hopefully , she will cherish this and not be so mean when I borrow her stuff!

Artist Conversation #2


love-the-way-you-sleep Artist: Josh Vasquez

No Exhibition.

Media: Oils, Sculpting, Drawing

Gallery: CSULB school of art, Gatov Gallery East


Josh Vasquez  is an abstract artist who studied in Belmont High School in Los Angeles and has loved art since as long as he can remember, since then he has came a long way. He will be graduating at the end of this semester from Cal State Long Beach from the BFA program, and also is planing to join the MFA program once he is finished. He is not a graph artist and he made that very clear, there is a big difference from his work and graffiti and that isn’t what he wants his work to resemble. He had each piece of his work named, even if the project consisted of three individual parts. Every part had a unique label  which showed how valuable it was to him and you can see that right away when he begins talking about them.


Josh’s art ranges from working with paints, sketches and sculptures. However, his main focus is in oils. Right now his style has a relaxing feel to it, he uses cool tone colors that resemble a sunset you would find in Los Angeles. Its a style that he recently discovered and has not always used. Apart from that, he lays the pigments on the canvas almost in a rippled pattern, which gives it a certain texture and appearance. The art he displayed in the gallery were all done during the same time, which is why they all bounce off one another. The series took him nearly two and a half months to complete and complement each other nicely.

Chris Burden, Noah Davis and Mark Rasco are the top three favorite artists that Josh is inspired by. Each artist has their individual style that reflects in his work. For instance, he described one of the artists styles as intense and bold. He doesn’t use their ideas and he doesn’t piggy back off their work, he simply is encouraged by all three, uses their main focal point and incorporates them into one piece. Other than art, Josh writes poetry and listens to music on the side. The quote “I love the way you fall asleep” is from part of his poem that he used in his work for the very first time. I asked what the meaning was and he was hesitant on replying to the question. When he did answer, he stated that he doesn’t want people to look at his art and see what he sees, or see what the message was that he was trying to get across. He wants people to interpret it however they feel, to make his art meaningful to them and to have it connect to whoever the audience may be on a more personal level.

art-110As far as joshs personal responses went, I felt we had a few ideas in common. The main reason the artist is here in Long Beach was because Los Angeles was all to familiar, even though he chose this new place to live and start a new chapter in his life, his work reflects his home town. Which reminded me a lot of when it was time for me to decide on where to go to school, Long beach wasn’t too far yet it was far enough for me to do my own thing. The entire interview I was amazed at how the art was so valuable to the artist himself. Yet it was open for interpretation! I know if that were my work I would have a specific answer as to what this piece meant to me and why I made it. However, this wasn’t the case and it definitely wasn’t my work. So the fact that, he allows something so special to him be something special to someone else is amazing and I really enjoyed hearing what he had to say.

The First Artist I Interviewed At CSULB



Megan Macuen is an artist who works with fiberistic material, and is a natural  weaver. Her  art pieces are shown in Max L. Gatov Gallery East, here at the California State University of Long Beach. Her art pieces are unknown and not one has a title or name, due to the fear of mislabeling or wanting to change the label after it has been officially named.

The artist first realized her passion for art was about ten years ago. However,  She studied fashion in the beginning such as, clothing and draping but then ventured off into weaving and working with MFA fibers. This is her second semester in the masters program out of the three year fiber program here at CSULB. She has no exhibition name nor labels her work as I stated previously. She bases the pieces off of the images they appear to look like, or items she is reminded of. Megan Macuen starts a piece with no initial intension of the outcome. She simply lets her mind flow and lets her creativity take the wheel, in a very natural state. Her art has no inspiration and begins with just a step by step process of whatever she comes up with. The art she has crafted so far ,start off with pieces and materials she normally finds at thrift stores. Then, she will eventually  take them apart, build on them or completley add her own twist.

Her largest piece was the most interesting, it took her a full semester to complete the project, while the other two were finished over winter. All her exhibits were extremely confusing yet gave me a feeling of wanting to learn more. Her biggest piece was a tall square structure with random parts hovering over it and hidden items underneath. However, it was all very clear to see. The other, was a satellite looking dish with jagged wooden sticks and pipes hanging out and woven into it. The last, was a long mop looking structure, very simple yet had an athletic look and domesticity. All her creations were white with subtle color added to them, which instantly set a trend of her style.

The biggest structure was my favorite, due to the interesting motivation behind it. From the bottom, it began with a net tied onto each leg and was woven like the top layer of an apple pie. Megan had first shared that the net resembled a fear she had as a child, but never really got into what that fear may be or had been. As my eyes moved upwards on the piece it ended up looking like a table top with dogs and ice creams glued to the bottom, which definatley confused me. Until, she had unraveled her story. The items placed under the table were children’s art that she has collected for years. The entire creation resembled the levels of perfection yet had the most generic look to it.

I guess the part that struck me the most was when I found out she leaves her work unnamed. I have always wondered how artists pick the certain names of their artwork, it would seem to be the finishing touch of it all. Like it would be an exciting last chance for you as the artist to get your point across. However, Megan doesn’t include that in her work, which seems bizarre. Overall, I believe I left the gallery more interested in what the artist was thinking when she began and ended the project  rather than what the finishing object actually looked like. It was an amazing feeling being able to be amused by what Megan Macuems thought process was other than the art piece itself.




The Funny Classmate Convo

unnamed-4The third time around has been the funniest yet! During our class session I met a girl named Jackie, I learned quite a bit in the short amount of time we had together. Jackie is from Maywood, a place I’ve never ever heard of. She said thats the reaction she gets from everyone that asks her that specific question but it is a city near Compton. Her family is quite large, she has one full brother, two half siblings from her dad as well as two other siblings from her mom. She attended a private High school in east LA and hated that she had to wear uniforms. However, this is her first year at CSULB as a film major and loves it, she hopes to direct and screen write movies. I asked her how she first got into that field, and she told me it was after watching a good movie that made her feel all types of emotions. Now, she would love it for others to watch her segments and feel the exact same way. Which I thought was awesome! She still lives back home and plans to get her license because as of right now she commutes about 45 minutes everyday one way. Jackie had me cracking up the whole class time and we pretty much clicked right away, Im glad I met her.

Landscape With a Corpse

unnamed-3.jpg This assignment was definitely something that was hard for me to do. I am no actress, and holding a serious face was by far the hardest, throughout this assignment. I chose this topic because I feel people struggle with this daily in their every day life. It may not be something I have physically gone through, but its more to raise the awareness of it all. I staged a scene of physical abuse. The materials consisted of a little eyeshadow, hammer and red lipstick that I used as blood. My sisters had a blast teasing my hair, adding more and more makeup to my black eye and capturing the moment of the one second I remained still. In all seriousness, I didn’t mean to go at this in a legit hard core way, even though this topic is extremely rough and real for some people. Rather, I tried bringing a realistic behind the scene moment most people aren’t shown .

The 2nd time around!

For the second week of class, I got to meet another student in Art110! Her name is Norma Garcia, a super senior graduating from CSULB at semester! She is from Riverside California  but realized she wanted to come to Cal State Long Beach to further her education. Norma loves the weather here and enjoys that she is so close to the beach. She has stayed in the dorms all for years and truly likes it. Norma is majoring in Journalism with a focus in Public Relations and sees her self being around the fashion aspect of it. Although, she has been interested in getting a credential for teaching. So that way she has both to fall back on just in case. A fun fact that I learned about Norma is she’s quite the dog lover, and has two of her own. One is a Maltese with straight hair and the other is a mix of a chihuahua and poodle with curly hair, exact opposites.