The 2nd time around!

For the second week of class, I got to meet another student in Art110! Her name is Norma Garcia, a super senior graduating from CSULB at semester! She is from Riverside California  but realized she wanted to come to Cal State Long Beach to further her education. Norma loves the weather here and enjoys that she is so close to the beach. She has stayed in the dorms all for years and truly likes it. Norma is majoring in Journalism with a focus in Public Relations and sees her self being around the fashion aspect of it. Although, she has been interested in getting a credential for teaching. So that way she has both to fall back on just in case. A fun fact that I learned about Norma is she’s quite the dog lover, and has two of her own. One is a Maltese with straight hair and the other is a mix of a chihuahua and poodle with curly hair, exact opposites.


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