Landscape With a Corpse

unnamed-3.jpg This assignment was definitely something that was hard for me to do. I am no actress, and holding a serious face was by far the hardest, throughout this assignment. I chose this topic because I feel people struggle with this daily in their every day life. It may not be something I have physically gone through, but its more to raise the awareness of it all. I staged a scene of physical abuse. The materials consisted of a little eyeshadow, hammer and red lipstick that I used as blood. My sisters had a blast teasing my hair, adding more and more makeup to my black eye and capturing the moment of the one second I remained still. In all seriousness, I didn’t mean to go at this in a legit hard core way, even though this topic is extremely rough and real for some people. Rather, I tried bringing a realistic behind the scene moment most people aren’t shown .


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