The Funny Classmate Convo

unnamed-4The third time around has been the funniest yet! During our class session I met a girl named Jackie, I learned quite a bit in the short amount of time we had together. Jackie is from Maywood, a place I’ve never ever heard of. She said thats the reaction she gets from everyone that asks her that specific question but it is a city near Compton. Her family is quite large, she has one full brother, two half siblings from her dad as well as two other siblings from her mom. She attended a private High school in east LA and hated that she had to wear uniforms. However, this is her first year at CSULB as a film major and loves it, she hopes to direct and screen write movies. I asked her how she first got into that field, and she told me it was after watching a good movie that made her feel all types of emotions. Now, she would love it for others to watch her segments and feel the exact same way. Which I thought was awesome! She still lives back home and plans to get her license because as of right now she commutes about 45 minutes everyday one way. Jackie had me cracking up the whole class time and we pretty much clicked right away, Im glad I met her.


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