My Lovely Care Package

Instead of mailing it out of  town, I chose to surprise my little sister with this care package, since I had the opportunity to go back home this weekend. I chose the items based off of what she’s always talking to me about. While also incorporating small gifts that I know she would love. I had bought a small face moisturizer and highlighting makeup palette art110 that she always tells me to grab her and send over. Along with a teddy bear I had bought as well as a rose that was hand made outside the shop for valentines day which I thought was super cute. I also had incorporated a small note I wrote telling her how much I appreciate her even though we argue and disagree all the time. When I assembled this master piece, I placed it on her bed and waited for her to get home. By the time she did I was already passed out, but I woke up to her jumping on me and giving me a big hug saying thank you! Even though I know she would never do anything like that for me, deep down I know it meant a lot to her. Hopefully , she will cherish this and not be so mean when I borrow her stuff!


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