Finger painting!!!

dogThis was the funnest activity yet!!!! So the dog pictured here is something that me and one of my friends who is also my neighbor tried to create. Some short quick information about my neighbor is that she is actually going to school for art at LBCC . She had recently shown me her sketches that she is drawing as part of her assignments on the way back home. So I had told her about mine. Although she draws naked people right now she thought mine was still pretty fun and easy lol. So I started out by getting a white crayola tube of paint then got several small little containers of paint that normally come with cheap kids coloring books. I found what seemed to be a pretty simple picture of a dog painted on pinterest. However, once I tried the first time I immediately  made up a much simpler version. I chose to finger paint the first time because recently last week I saw on Facebook an artist who uses her hands to paint. They were amazing pieces of art! I wish I remembered her name so I could have uploaded a link or at least her name to search her up. I remember watching her video and she had said “its like using ten brushes at the same time!” The art she created was super colorful and had this texture to it. Mine on the other hand looked like a blob ! Maybe its because I tried doing  it with no spaces in-between so it just looked like a big awkward shape. Until, Fabi my neighbor helped me out and loaned me a brush since it might have been a little easier. I thought This was the funnest one yet because it literally kept me laughing the entire time. An I can honestly say I am proud of are work!







Week 8 : Classmate Discussion

For this weeks classmate conversation I got the chance to meet Salmah with an “h”! We had to move thiconvos conversation along very quick, due to the short amount of time that Glenn left us with lol. However, we did end up with the basics. Salmah is a first year here at CSULB and is taking this art class as a general ed. Right now, she is undecided when it comes to picking her major but she still has plenty of time to venture off and experiment with multiple ones. Occupational therapy is her future job description as of now but she wants to look into it a lot more before she enters that field.  She chose this school not only because she really enjoyed visiting but because some of her closest friends from her home town in Englewood attend too. Salman is the only child, and loves to sing and dance although she doesn’t think she has the vocals or good coordination.

Fun fact: Salmahs been to Malaysia 3 to 4 times!

Artist Conversation

unnamedArtist: Elena Roznovan

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: eroznovan

Exhibition: Stop and Stare

Media: video installations

Elena Roznovan is a 2nd year grad student here at CSULB in the MFA program of sculpture and new genre. After doing her undergrad at Marilyn University in Baltimore she chose Long Beach to continue a new chapter in art. She is originally from the SSR from a small town known as Moldova, and plans to venture off and travel around the world. Curiously awaiting to see different changes of scenery and see how her art will evolve.

Elena’s inspiration comes from many artists especially Robert Urwin, who she can relate to and connect with on many personal levels. Elena started her work as a painter, then slowly transitioned into interactive installations that are inspired by light in space. The piece that was displayed in the gallery as pictured felt very surreal, almost as if the image was your current location at which we were all standing. Then there were these colorful laminate frames that hung down that we were able to see the backdrop through.

 The artists initial job title would be to create video installations, that are made with any piece of scenery or individual ideas. That investigates phenomenology, time and the way images are constructed. She wishes to apply for residencies all over the world to get a feel for the change of scenery and different landscapes, including a variety of wide ranged pieces. The purpose of her artwork is to challenge the viewers or audiences perception or expectations regarding moving pictures and spaces in which they are inhabiting. Elena uses both the environmental aspect and optical props that give off a mediation type feel, that ultimately take a 2D image and create a 3D experience.

Overall, I feel like this exhibit was a very interesting piece, that was open for interpretation. The part that I enjoyed the most was getting to talk to the artist herself, she made it so that her work can make you feel however you wanted it to, at anytime, with no in particular vision. It was simply to look at the image with an open mind and state what you feel and see. To me, it was like looking at a colorless bland landscape that had the potential of having so much life and brightness. Which made it seem like you can either view this mural with the great potential that it has to become something amazing. Or look at it as the old washed up piece of land that it is. Which to me makes  the difference of realizing that your truly happy or miserable.







Classmate conversation

We haven’t done one of these in what feels like forever, and we both forgot to take a picture!!! I guess we got so caught up in our conversation that it didn’t even cross our mind, until I began to write. (so I added a pic that goes with our convo ).Anyway, Laura is one of the classmates that I got to meet and introduce myself to. I learned quite a lot from her, with the brief 15 minutes or so that we had. This ipreferables her first year attending CSULB as a human development major. She is originally from Lakewood CA, and chose this school knowing that its close to home, while her 2 older siblings influenced her as well as they attended this university. It was funny once she said she was a first year because I completely got the impression that she was my age, but nope! She’s only 18 which I thought was funny. Her hobbies consist of quite a few things. Her most recent that she had just picked up is painting. She plays softball and enjoys watching sports like football and baseball. We had the softball part in common and watching other sports but our favorite teams happened to be rivals!  Her 2 dogs are even named after the players lol.  I found her job quite interesting, she works at Petco and I found her job quite interesting. She works with mainly cats and dogs and plans events as well as finding adoption groups. She’s the second manager at just 18! So cool!


I Knew it Reminded me of something!

For this art activity it was surprisingly hard for me to choose a topic that I can base a non fiction or fictional story off of. The art galleries consisted of so many items that reminded me of certain things in my life or memories that  flashed in my head as I processed the looks of some of the unnamed1.jpgpieces of work. However, there was one piece that I couldn’t get out of my head or pretend as if I never saw it, because it stayed in the back of my head through out  the entire class period. It was different colored tube like trails intertwined within each other, with rings that you can drag from one end to the other. Now this wasn’t the splitting image of the one I’m use to but it is pretty darn close. This maze like puzzle was one of the main reasons why I would agree to go to the doctors for regular check ups or appointments. No matter what the reason is even today, the vibe of a clinic or hospital freaks me out! I hate them so much, with a passion. However, as a kid this small gadget gave me the small bit of motivation I needed to at least make it to the front desk or waiting room that it was in. The one that I remembered was about 3 feet tall and had small skinny wired trails that looped in all sorts of directions that had bright colorful shapes that you would be able to drag across and make loud noises with as they all crashed, one after the other in the small quite waiting area. Even though its probably the lamest story you’ve heard, I thought it was pretty neat how I  instantly thought of that when I probably could have used my crazy imagination on a different piece. O well!

Its the Little things

unnamedRather than the little things that most people think I’m talking about, I’m talking about the exact opposite. Now, I know whoever is reading this is going to think that I’m going to talk about all the cute small things my boyfriend does for me, but I’m not. Im talking about the dumb small things we constantly fight over! For instance, I took pictures of the 3 small conflicts we always seem to bicker about, even though there are quite a few more. Here we go,  Cause number one. The crazy ex girlfriend that always seems to stalk him. Now, I’m from a small town where everyone is all up in your business and might even know things about you, that you yourself  haven’t even  discovered yet. So trust me when I say people will see you, they’ll talk about it and eventually it will get to the wrong person. Anyways, she’s one of the main reasons we bicker, for multiple reasons. Once in a blue moon he will go out, which is perfectly  fine with me. I get it, he can’t be with me 24/7. Guy time is necessary just as girl time is for us ladies. However, I swear this chick has a radar whenever he’s a certain distance or  a timer that rings when its perfectly convenient for her to attack. Even though he lets me know what happens and I trust him, its the jealousy that kills me! I get super jealous, and it makes me seem like the psycho! But thats a whole other level of arguing. Cause number two, I don’t even want to say it cause I might sound crazy and controlling, but its phones! Who can he possibly be talking to or searching or looking at, that is munnamed4.jpgore important than me! I mean come on, when were at dinner or hanging out for short periods of time. Leave the phone alone, and carry on a convunnamed3.jpgersation with  me. Although most of the time its quick peeks to check scores, he’s a big sports fan. Last but not least, decision making. And its mainly on what to eat. Now, this turns into more than  it should only because he tries to be nice and go for what I want to eat. But it never works out because he’s super picky. Its always an “I’m not feeling it “,or “nah  that doesn’t sound good ” or “what about….” So its pointless for me to say anything, which makes it go back and forth and a lot longer than it should be. Plus on top of that, one of us is usually beyond hungry, and you don’t mess with people who are hungry!