I Knew it Reminded me of something!

For this art activity it was surprisingly hard for me to choose a topic that I can base a non fiction or fictional story off of. The art galleries consisted of so many items that reminded me of certain things in my life or memories that  flashed in my head as I processed the looks of some of the unnamed1.jpgpieces of work. However, there was one piece that I couldn’t get out of my head or pretend as if I never saw it, because it stayed in the back of my head through out  the entire class period. It was different colored tube like trails intertwined within each other, with rings that you can drag from one end to the other. Now this wasn’t the splitting image of the one I’m use to but it is pretty darn close. This maze like puzzle was one of the main reasons why I would agree to go to the doctors for regular check ups or appointments. No matter what the reason is even today, the vibe of a clinic or hospital freaks me out! I hate them so much, with a passion. However, as a kid this small gadget gave me the small bit of motivation I needed to at least make it to the front desk or waiting room that it was in. The one that I remembered was about 3 feet tall and had small skinny wired trails that looped in all sorts of directions that had bright colorful shapes that you would be able to drag across and make loud noises with as they all crashed, one after the other in the small quite waiting area. Even though its probably the lamest story you’ve heard, I thought it was pretty neat how I  instantly thought of that when I probably could have used my crazy imagination on a different piece. O well!


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