Its the Little things

unnamedRather than the little things that most people think I’m talking about, I’m talking about the exact opposite. Now, I know whoever is reading this is going to think that I’m going to talk about all the cute small things my boyfriend does for me, but I’m not. Im talking about the dumb small things we constantly fight over! For instance, I took pictures of the 3 small conflicts we always seem to bicker about, even though there are quite a few more. Here we go,  Cause number one. The crazy ex girlfriend that always seems to stalk him. Now, I’m from a small town where everyone is all up in your business and might even know things about you, that you yourself  haven’t even  discovered yet. So trust me when I say people will see you, they’ll talk about it and eventually it will get to the wrong person. Anyways, she’s one of the main reasons we bicker, for multiple reasons. Once in a blue moon he will go out, which is perfectly  fine with me. I get it, he can’t be with me 24/7. Guy time is necessary just as girl time is for us ladies. However, I swear this chick has a radar whenever he’s a certain distance or  a timer that rings when its perfectly convenient for her to attack. Even though he lets me know what happens and I trust him, its the jealousy that kills me! I get super jealous, and it makes me seem like the psycho! But thats a whole other level of arguing. Cause number two, I don’t even want to say it cause I might sound crazy and controlling, but its phones! Who can he possibly be talking to or searching or looking at, that is munnamed4.jpgore important than me! I mean come on, when were at dinner or hanging out for short periods of time. Leave the phone alone, and carry on a convunnamed3.jpgersation with  me. Although most of the time its quick peeks to check scores, he’s a big sports fan. Last but not least, decision making. And its mainly on what to eat. Now, this turns into more than  it should only because he tries to be nice and go for what I want to eat. But it never works out because he’s super picky. Its always an “I’m not feeling it “,or “nah  that doesn’t sound good ” or “what about….” So its pointless for me to say anything, which makes it go back and forth and a lot longer than it should be. Plus on top of that, one of us is usually beyond hungry, and you don’t mess with people who are hungry!


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