Artist Conversation

unnamedArtist: Elena Roznovan

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: eroznovan

Exhibition: Stop and Stare

Media: video installations

Elena Roznovan is a 2nd year grad student here at CSULB in the MFA program of sculpture and new genre. After doing her undergrad at Marilyn University in Baltimore she chose Long Beach to continue a new chapter in art. She is originally from the SSR from a small town known as Moldova, and plans to venture off and travel around the world. Curiously awaiting to see different changes of scenery and see how her art will evolve.

Elena’s inspiration comes from many artists especially Robert Urwin, who she can relate to and connect with on many personal levels. Elena started her work as a painter, then slowly transitioned into interactive installations that are inspired by light in space. The piece that was displayed in the gallery as pictured felt very surreal, almost as if the image was your current location at which we were all standing. Then there were these colorful laminate frames that hung down that we were able to see the backdrop through.

 The artists initial job title would be to create video installations, that are made with any piece of scenery or individual ideas. That investigates phenomenology, time and the way images are constructed. She wishes to apply for residencies all over the world to get a feel for the change of scenery and different landscapes, including a variety of wide ranged pieces. The purpose of her artwork is to challenge the viewers or audiences perception or expectations regarding moving pictures and spaces in which they are inhabiting. Elena uses both the environmental aspect and optical props that give off a mediation type feel, that ultimately take a 2D image and create a 3D experience.

Overall, I feel like this exhibit was a very interesting piece, that was open for interpretation. The part that I enjoyed the most was getting to talk to the artist herself, she made it so that her work can make you feel however you wanted it to, at anytime, with no in particular vision. It was simply to look at the image with an open mind and state what you feel and see. To me, it was like looking at a colorless bland landscape that had the potential of having so much life and brightness. Which made it seem like you can either view this mural with the great potential that it has to become something amazing. Or look at it as the old washed up piece of land that it is. Which to me makes  the difference of realizing that your truly happy or miserable.








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