Classmate conversation

We haven’t done one of these in what feels like forever, and we both forgot to take a picture!!! I guess we got so caught up in our conversation that it didn’t even cross our mind, until I began to write. (so I added a pic that goes with our convo ).Anyway, Laura is one of the classmates that I got to meet and introduce myself to. I learned quite a lot from her, with the brief 15 minutes or so that we had. This ipreferables her first year attending CSULB as a human development major. She is originally from Lakewood CA, and chose this school knowing that its close to home, while her 2 older siblings influenced her as well as they attended this university. It was funny once she said she was a first year because I completely got the impression that she was my age, but nope! She’s only 18 which I thought was funny. Her hobbies consist of quite a few things. Her most recent that she had just picked up is painting. She plays softball and enjoys watching sports like football and baseball. We had the softball part in common and watching other sports but our favorite teams happened to be rivals!  Her 2 dogs are even named after the players lol.  I found her job quite interesting, she works at Petco and I found her job quite interesting. She works with mainly cats and dogs and plans events as well as finding adoption groups. She’s the second manager at just 18! So cool!



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