Week 8 : Classmate Discussion

For this weeks classmate conversation I got the chance to meet Salmah with an “h”! We had to move thiconvos conversation along very quick, due to the short amount of time that Glenn left us with lol. However, we did end up with the basics. Salmah is a first year here at CSULB and is taking this art class as a general ed. Right now, she is undecided when it comes to picking her major but she still has plenty of time to venture off and experiment with multiple ones. Occupational therapy is her future job description as of now but she wants to look into it a lot more before she enters that field.  She chose this school not only because she really enjoyed visiting but because some of her closest friends from her home town in Englewood attend too. Salman is the only child, and loves to sing and dance although she doesn’t think she has the vocals or good coordination.

Fun fact: Salmahs been to Malaysia 3 to 4 times!


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