Finger painting!!!

dogThis was the funnest activity yet!!!! So the dog pictured here is something that me and one of my friends who is also my neighbor tried to create. Some short quick information about my neighbor is that she is actually going to school for art at LBCC . She had recently shown me her sketches that she is drawing as part of her assignments on the way back home. So I had told her about mine. Although she draws naked people right now she thought mine was still pretty fun and easy lol. So I started out by getting a white crayola tube of paint then got several small little containers of paint that normally come with cheap kids coloring books. I found what seemed to be a pretty simple picture of a dog painted on pinterest. However, once I tried the first time I immediately  made up a much simpler version. I chose to finger paint the first time because recently last week I saw on Facebook an artist who uses her hands to paint. They were amazing pieces of art! I wish I remembered her name so I could have uploaded a link or at least her name to search her up. I remember watching her video and she had said “its like using ten brushes at the same time!” The art she created was super colorful and had this texture to it. Mine on the other hand looked like a blob ! Maybe its because I tried doing  it with no spaces in-between so it just looked like a big awkward shape. Until, Fabi my neighbor helped me out and loaned me a brush since it might have been a little easier. I thought This was the funnest one yet because it literally kept me laughing the entire time. An I can honestly say I am proud of are work!







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