Artist Conversation

2.jpgGallery: Merilyn Werby Gallery

Instagram: polkadot.pony

Exhibition: The exhibition is her

Amy Duran started off at Cypress City college and transferred here to CSULB after her second year. Her current status is that she will be graduating in spring as a BFA Ceramics major from Cal State Long Beach.

It was a little hard to ask the artist any questions that were personal because it was actually her brother who we got to interview. However, we did learn that the exhibit was her displayed as all the small doll like figures in the showcases. And that the animals in them as well were her previous pets that meant so much to her in a time of need. The art pieces she created eventually told a story of how she would actually like to make props for movies. Apart from the art we got to hear Amy enjoys baking cakes and decorating them with extravagant designs and images.

Amys art is very detailed and defined. Each display unravels its own story and looked like it was extremely time consuming due to the manny effects it had. Not only was the art able to be spun around it was also able to bring out certain characteristics as well as hide others. While also having front and back images completely different from one another, which was fascinating to see. The art piece was literally created like a small scene from a play, it had curtains that draped down the sides as well as props, a character (her) and a backdrop with a small book like diary that told a story.

The story is based on Amy’s personal struggles of never quite fitting in with the crowd, feeling anxiety overgrowing apart from and forgetting her inner child. While at the same time having this emotion overcome her wanting to be free all at the same time. The displays were constant reminders that told her it was ok to feel afraid as an adult. Her art also showed another classic side to femininity, giving it power and replacing the connotations as symbols of weakness and vulnerability with strength and capability. She believes keeping the memories close will aid in not forgetting what made her the person she is today.

Overall I found this exhibit quite interesting, from the look of it; it seemed to be someone reliving their childhood as if they wanted to go back in time. However, once I had read the notes she had posted before we entered I noticed the whole exhibit had this darkness to it that I guess you really had to pay attention to. After realizing that the image portrayed both good and bad times it made sense as to why the images were able to be turned around and pulled with. It literally depicted some of the untold stories with out having them come out of her own mouth.unnamed


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