Week 11: Classmate Convo

4.jpgThis weeks art assignments were to pair up or form groups of three and discuss the image we think we can all agree or connect with The two student I was able meet were Gabriela who is a freshman her at CSULB, and originally from LAX and hawthorne area. I learned she is also a kinesiology major here but she is taking the Occupational Therapist road which was pretty cool. Sohee was the second student I met in our group, she is a third year foreign exchange student from South Korea, who came all the way out here to pursue her dream in graphic design which I found interesting. We came together to make a triptych or three image panel of something that we agreed on, and we chose the awareness of gun violence in the world today. We chose this topic because we all agreed that these exhibits in the galleries were the most real. As in, the art presented in the galleries that we have seen are creations done by artists as either a hobby or done on a topic that they enjoy doing. Or on a personal issue that they personally struggle with or have  overcame. As where the art presented  here was a global issue that many people are aware of because it is a big problem today! We defined beauty as a something that was undefined or open to interpretation, too many people have different opinions of what they consider beauty. So we figured beauty can be in a person, objects places or type of emotion. Something that isn’t beauty would be something or someone mean or traumatizing. Someone with a bad soul or bad intention, or something with a bad vibe or    intention. And as for sublime when we googled the word it gave us a definition of a specific level of something that either makes an image great or horrible. However, from the group talk we learned it was something more like a deep almost terrible place.



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