Week 11: Tracing Gun Violence in The U.S.

g3Artist: yujia Gu

Exhibition: Gun Violence

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Media: none

Yujia Gu is an international student that attends here at the California State University of Long Beach in the art program. Both her and her family were extremely worrisome on her transferring to the U.S. due to the mass shootings and gun violence they heard so much of. However, she did it. She moved out here and decided to actually research on the specific area of concern and realized it was as serious as her and her mother thought.   Astonished at the statistics found of various cases of gun violence.

g2The exhibit gave off the feeling of a dark and excluded room, with black draped curtains at the entrance of the gallery. When people stepped foot in the exhibit there was a large piece of writing on the walls with multiple pictures of guns. As well as a piece of glass that hung just off the center of the ceiling that depicted the multiple people injured or killed by gun violence. It was extremely real, Yujia Gu’ saying that was written  on the wall stated ” In order to protect, people buy”. Which is exactly what is happening, people who feel threatened and scared for themselves or their families are buying the same weapons that they are against, which is ironic. Not only is it making more and more people purchase them, its getting them out there as well. It seems as if its fairly easy for people to get their own hands on one and its quite frightening as well.

g1The overall purpose of the exhibition was to make people realize how serious and infamous the gun violence is. As well as to give viewers a clear presentation and inform people of the violence that happens around them on the daily. The artist said that she was in complete shock when she saw the statistics here than from any other places or countries. Although she stated what the problem was she didn’t quite give the solution that shed prefer other than buying the weapons that the same exact people are scared of.

In my opinion it is a lot different to hear or see on the news with the big titles and heaadings of papers about these incidents or crimes. Than when you actually are facing their profile and pictures directly head on. It really gets you thinking about what these people have left behind, whether its a spouse, kids, pets their jobs or whatever it may be, it truly is heartbreaking. I thinks its incredibly to have it be known about this very current event because it is such a problem we have today. I also thought it was touching that she incorporated the images of the victims that were projected on the glass. It was a intense exhibit that was informative and deep.


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