Ethnography , Week 12



( Here in my room was where I spent The dark ours of this experiment, After I chose my room I realized I chose the darkest spot in the house! I have no windows in the room but in the bathroom connected to the side, which made my stay feel like an eternity!)

A day without electricity, was a day without seeing! My experience with no light was liberating yet so frustrating. It wasn’t bad, until the sun went down and the night got later and later. I thought the experience would be easy, thinking that “ok well when the sun goes down and it gets to the point where I can’t see, I’ll just fall asleep”. Well that mentality went to shit as soon as I asked myself what I was planning on eating, I was going to make something quick and easy, but how with no light and not using any microwave. Or what about brushing my teeth and taking off my makeup. I had to hover my hand over the sink to find my makeup wipes and my toothbrush without knocking everything off. By the time I layed on my bed I began to wonder about everything I wasn’t able to use. For instance, my phone which was about to die,  that is my alarm clock, communication, reminder, calendar and news. Pretty much my phone assists me with everything that lets me function smoothly throughout the day! As relaxing as it was without electronics and the internet to distract me from nature’s beauty and actually having to talk to someone physically.  It was frustrating not being able to see clearly or at all. Plus not planning my day around the time just made it more difficult and dinner probably would have been a lot more satisfying if it wasn’t just cereal. Overall I think it would be cool to live in an era where electricity isn’t present. Although there are many benefits to having light, I think people are a lot happier, communicate well and know how to keep busy without becoming a zombie on social media!


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