Week 12 Artist Convo

1.jpgArtist: Alice Andreini

Website: Andreiniart.com

Exhibition: No-Man’s Land

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery

Alice Andreini is a Drawing and Paintings major with Studio Practices here at the California State University of Long Beach. Alice Andreini is originally from Minnesota who did theatre as her undergrad while set designing and creating scenic paintings. While also using  this exact exhibition as her thesis! Hopefully, in the future Alice will use her studies and fulfill her dream as a teacher here at CSULB in a college level painting class.

The strategy she used for this exhibition,  was the idea of squareness that uncovered the machine behind landscaping. To her art isn’t always gridded but it was more of a new style she had discovered and just rolled with. Other than art, she loves to read poetry, Facebook it and read philosophy, which she considered boring to the average person. The artist stated that she didn’t pursue art until recently but she always wanted too. However,  was scared because art is hard and not practical at all, she never heard anyone say how comforting it is to make a living off art.

1.jpgTo the artist the landscape framed in the exhibition revealed ideologies of a culture. The authenticity of the nature that typically is used to veil the economics, cultural and material considerations that go into the production of landscape as a universal ideal. She started from a specific , concrete place that involve golf courses as a subject that encapsulates the sentimentality and allure of American pastoral. Working with such a specific topic and goal  Alice unravels and unveils creating a new realm that may also be viewed as experiencing a new world.

As I walked around this exhibit, I noticed the grid like structure to each piece of landscape. I loved Andreini’s art because I felt each piece had a grey like simple boring color but then bursted with many hues of bright color seeping through the gridded lines. Making it seem as if the boring world underneath was being shattered and forming into something much more beautiful. Overall I do believe the artist achieved her goal in creating a new realm because that is the exact feeling I got after starring at each art work before I read her description or interviewed her.


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