Week 13: Artist Conversation

Artist : Krystal Ramirez

Media: insta- kgrmetalcraft

Website: http://www.kgrmetalcraft.com

Gallery : Dr.Maxine Merlino Gallery

Metal smithing and Jewelry Design

Krystal Ramirez specializes in metal smithing and jewelry design and is one out of the two graduating out of the metals art program here at CSULB. She is originally from Huntington Beach which isn’t too far away which is how she ended up here at this university. This is her grand finale now and she is using this exhibition to expose her work as her BFA show. Krystal Ramirez hasn’t always worked with metals, in fact it all started her senior year at an arts high school with an emphasis in drawing and painting when she took a jewelry class and then suddenly got inspired.

tableThe art exhibition consists of six metals that sit on plate like circles, arranged at a dinner table. On these plates are a random objects made by the artist herself. For example, there was a bracelet that clasped on to her wrist that she displayed for us. On the others are a set of utensils ( a fork, spoon and knife). A small bowl and a vase completely opposite of one another and a neat little object of two hands that join together like magnets, which was pretty interesting. When talking to the artist she stated that she was most comfortable working with copper but it is easiest to work with silver. Her ultimate goal is to make these items or most pieces of her art food safe so that way they have a better purpose rather than just being on a display shelf being useless.

Her work serves as an exploration of the relationships that are formed around the dinner table, reflecting on the people that have been a part of her journey and the influences they have had on her. The truths that were shared and continue to nourish her as an individual, drive her creativity and enhance her humanity. The plates are a cohesiveness function that deal with personal inspirations which is why the dinner table as well as its components are extremely family oriented.

unnamed-13Clearly I find the exhibition of  La Cena Esta Servida very interesting,  I think I personally relate a lot to it .  The dinner table is where everything literally gets laid out on the table, especially when you have a big family. The dinner table is where you get confronted, meet important people, where you or your friends get put on blast, talk about things that make you uncomfortable, where you get in trouble and lastly where everyone had time to talk about their day and just relax and laugh. To me this exhibit was awesome and something that I easily related to.







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