Classmate Convo- In The Gardens

1.jpgDiana was chosen one! Diana Is a freshman here at CSULB from Torrance California, she was hoping to actually go to a UC, but didn’t get in so she attended here. A crazy fact about Diana is that she never pre visited this school in fact she just showed up the first day and gave it a shot. I personally think that is super brave but she fell in love with the school luckily and doesn’t regret it at all. The one thing she dislikes however, is the walking! Which I can imagine can get pretty frustrating depending on how far apart classes are with the amount of time you have to get there. Apart from that she was a Marine Bio major but changed it to Mechanical Engineering, a  main reason was because she hates chemistry but is very good at math. A plus side is that Diana lives close by to good companies which are in her specific career path. She wanted to minor in film because she loves taking pictures and editing videos but doesn’t have the time. Considering that those two fields have nothing in common and are complete opposites, but that would be her dream job. Diana and I had multiple things in common especially music and sports and I ended up learning about a few new artists I need to look into. All in all it was a pleasure meeting Diana and it was nice that our conversation just flowed.


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