Sketching In The Japanese Garden

11.jpgSketching at the Japanese Gardens is a must! Not only was it the most satisfying and relaxing class I’ve ever had, It was also the most encouraging reward! Something about sitting in a tranquil and refreshing environment while also seeing amazing sights makes you loosen up and draw freely. Rather than criticizing your own work and wanting to quit. The only thing I did not like so much was trying to sketch in a rush with the multiple 30 second sketches. On the bright side there were more things I loved. I loved the fact that I couldn’t erase, it was neat seeing if I was able to make something of the small mark
12.jpgor akward line I drew. I also enjoyed the openness of the assignment, which was literally to draw anything you saw or any angle you wanted to draw the scenery from while playing against time. I liked being able to visually see the assignment than sketching it from a book or online I also liked that fact that I drew with an opened mined and was relaxed enough to the point where I just let the pencil move on its own. Overall I was surprised how my sketches looked. Im usually drawing stick figures or flowers and it was nic1e doing something different for a change. Such as drawing rocks, grass, trees and fish. I think this assignment was my favorite!


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