Classmate Convo Week 15

1Mharjorie is a chemical engineering major who transferred from LBCC to CSULB. Surprisingly, this is her first semester and the first time she’s changed her major. Considering that she used to be a Nursing student at the community college. However, she liked math and took a chemistry course and liked it a lot more! Luckily all her science courses she previously look just transferred over to her current major. So it has a little in common and isn’t completely different. Her dream career would be making pharmysudicals, like drugs. Although right now she is a office assistant for a nursing agency. With that job she has she told me sometimes she regrets changing her major. A main reason why is she works in pay roll and she sees the large numbers on the stubs thats like a hit to the stomach. Originally Mharjorie is from the Philippines and moved to Long Beach at the age of ten and about one year ago moved to Carson. Hobbies that keep her busy are the pretty basic activities. Such as, work the gym and school. Overall it was a pleasure speaking and meeting Mharjorie we had a few good laughs!


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