Week 15: The Future Me

  1. If I were to be looking in the near future for something that I would see myself doing. I hope I would be a physical therapist, working in a rehabilitation center, which is what I intend to graduate with. I chose this major because its a stable career that is always needed and I can live comfortably with. Also married eventually with a kid, living in a cozy home having goldfish as pets and living a eventful/ adventurous life. Where I can enjoy the outdoors and away from tourist populated areas but not a farm like village.
  2. If this future didn’t work out for me, I think id be waitressing, living in an apartment with my current boyfriend and just hustling day in and day out to get by. While going on a big trip once a year on vacation. Realistically, I think this is the most like me. Im smart with my money and don’t need the materialistic things in life to keep me happy. As long as I’m healthy and smiling I think I would be nicely off with this lifestyle. I try to be as optimistic as possible with certain situations. So I see it as if the dream job were to disappear by tomorrow, I look at it as another opportunity that has different benefits to offer.
  3. If I were financially secure, I wouldn’t want a job at all. I wold love to relax and enjoy quality time with family and friends. I would love to travel around the world while taking them with me. Im  very family oriented and as long as I have them I  would be fine. I also wish that I would have unlimited accessibility to a gym with every piece of equipment and a personal trainer inside. I would also like to be able to change the poverty around the world with the income id be accumulating over time.

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